Oct 14, 2013

Open studios week end

 Artist from the "Montois and Bassée" area near Fontainebleau opened their studios to the public last week end.
Most of the artists sharing space with me participated. It was my first "open studio"  and once I got my nerves under control I had a fantastic time.
Photos by Marie Bousseau : http://lescoteries.blogspot.fr/


Gael Loireau, knife maker, doing a forging demo

                                                      Marie Bousseau, photograph

                                                         Christine Beilloin, caster
Jerome Delesne, screen-printer
Our display table

Sep 17, 2013

Brand new jewelry studio

Finally, the move is over and my studio is built in a barn near Fontainebleau.
 It took a lot more time than expected, more than 2 months and tons of sweat too, but it's done, beautifully so I think, but then I'm totally biased !
It's build in wood, dry walls, and I used stucco both outside and inside to finish the walls. it's sturdy, roomy but not too much, I already love going to work over there every morning.

A big thank you to my father, it couldn't have been done without him, he was the brain and had to teach me everything. And to my son who was the "muscles" and did all the heavy lifting, a big hug; it was hard work and he spent a good portion of his summer holidays helping me out.

Here are a few photos :

The beginnings...

Hard at work!

It's almost ready, stucco is done, there only the vinyl floor left to be installed

It's more than midnight and we still have to get all the equipments and benches inside...
Long night !

Looking good, There's still some small things to be done but finally I can work!


Jun 12, 2013

MariT Studio is moving

MariT Studio is moving at the end of June. She's setting up her workshop in beautiful Fontainebleau area where she'll share workspace with other wonderful artists.

Stay tuned, photos of the workshop being build are coming

Dec 5, 2012

Wax carving class

I've been following jewelry classes almost every WE, at the Pôle Bijou in Baccarat, Lorraine since september. One of these classes was about wax modeling for the process of lost wax casting.
I was a complete novice  and was more than a bit worried about my sculpting abilities. Well it was lots of fun and a revelation, I can't draw but sculpting requires a different type of skills and I didn't do too badly for a first time.

                                                       A woman sculpted from a drawing
 A bezeled ring ready to receive a stone
Tools and wax for carving:

wax blocks from which the modeling is done                                 
                                                                                                     Tube  for ring sculpting

Spiral saw blades, wax file, modeling iron, wax ring mandrel  and wax burrs



Jun 28, 2012

MIneral & Gem show in Saintes-Marie-aux- Mines

Last saturday I went to a Mineral and Gem show held in Saintes-Marie- aux-Mines.
The show takes place each year in a beautiful Alsace village nested in the Vosges mountains in eastern  France and gathers several hundred mineral and gem exhibitors,

Vosges mountains

Ammonite and various fossils

Amethyst geodes
There was so much to see, minerals and stones everywhere coming from around the world from the tiniest fossil shell to huge amethyst geodes and stone slabs of all kind.

It was crowded and a bit overwhelming for a novice like me, and I ended looking a lot but only bought a few minerals for my son's collection  and .... tools, count on me to go to a gem show and find a way to bring back tools!

I'll definitely be back next year and by then, hopefully, I'll know a bit more about gems; enough at least to bring back some of those stones that tempted me so much this year.

Lapis Lazuli slabs

Various large minerals

Calcite, Rosasite, and Wulfenit for Son's collection

Tools for my collection !!