Jun 28, 2012

MIneral & Gem show in Saintes-Marie-aux- Mines

Last saturday I went to a Mineral and Gem show held in Saintes-Marie- aux-Mines.
The show takes place each year in a beautiful Alsace village nested in the Vosges mountains in eastern  France and gathers several hundred mineral and gem exhibitors,

Vosges mountains

Ammonite and various fossils

Amethyst geodes
There was so much to see, minerals and stones everywhere coming from around the world from the tiniest fossil shell to huge amethyst geodes and stone slabs of all kind.

It was crowded and a bit overwhelming for a novice like me, and I ended looking a lot but only bought a few minerals for my son's collection  and .... tools, count on me to go to a gem show and find a way to bring back tools!

I'll definitely be back next year and by then, hopefully, I'll know a bit more about gems; enough at least to bring back some of those stones that tempted me so much this year.

Lapis Lazuli slabs

Various large minerals

Calcite, Rosasite, and Wulfenit for Son's collection

Tools for my collection !!


  1. Wow! What a great day out. The blue Lapis looks amazing and those ammonites... :)

  2. Looks like a big show there. Love those rocks, the colors are just beautiful! Glad to see you found your perfect tools (again).