Sep 17, 2013

Brand new jewelry studio

Finally, the move is over and my studio is built in a barn near Fontainebleau.
 It took a lot more time than expected, more than 2 months and tons of sweat too, but it's done, beautifully so I think, but then I'm totally biased !
It's build in wood, dry walls, and I used stucco both outside and inside to finish the walls. it's sturdy, roomy but not too much, I already love going to work over there every morning.

A big thank you to my father, it couldn't have been done without him, he was the brain and had to teach me everything. And to my son who was the "muscles" and did all the heavy lifting, a big hug; it was hard work and he spent a good portion of his summer holidays helping me out.

Here are a few photos :

The beginnings...

Hard at work!

It's almost ready, stucco is done, there only the vinyl floor left to be installed

It's more than midnight and we still have to get all the equipments and benches inside...
Long night !

Looking good, There's still some small things to be done but finally I can work!